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Sculpture Block

Sculpture Block

Sculpture Block, The Art of Easy Sculpting

This is an excellent material that all artists and sculptors should try. Very simple to use it allows you to create shapes and sculptures quicker than with any other modelling or sculpting material!

Sculpture Block was created by a Dutch artist with the aim to make a sculpting material which would appeal to all artists, particularly those who find it difficult to obtain wood or stone due to cost, or physical constraints. With this material anyone can create beautiful shapes easily at an economical price! The product is perfect for all ages and ideal for beginners to sculpture.
Sculpture Block

Getting Started

  1. Draw your design directly onto the block with a pencil
  2. Cut a rough shape using a saw
  3. Or cut your shape more accurately with a coping or hacksaw
  4. Scoop out area of the block using a gouge or chisel, as you would when cutting lino.
  5. Use clay loop tools for large areas or to obtain a particular shape
  6. Use a rasp or file to smooth surfaces
  7. Rifflers can be used to create your shape, just like with soapstone
  8. 9. 10. Finish with files, sandpaper and varnish for that final touch.

Please be aware this material does not burn, and does create dust so a mask may be required.Sculpture Block
Once finished you can prime and paint your sculpture with traditional acrylic or sprays. You can also use gold leaf and gilding materials.
Sculpture block is available in a range of pre-cut blocks and also as Sculpture Canvas, allowing you to create relief paintings and masks.

Sculpture Block visited the GreatArt London store in May 2017 to provide our team and customers with an active demonstration that allowed them to enjoy the fantastic benefits of this product. Ideal for beginners, easy to work with and produces great results.

Find all the products on GreatArt Online or in our new art supply shop in London Shoreditch.
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  • This sculpture block info looks interesting – but then you don’t give us an easy link to find a price etc!!

    • Hi Roberta, there was actually supposed to be a link at the bottom but a digit was missing in code. You should be able to access the product using the link above now.
      Thanks for making us aware!