Hundred Years Gallery- Open Call 2017

“As it stands: Unrefined, muted, abandoned”

An Open Call for artists concerning the unfinished work,

Hundred Years Gallery invites artists to submit work to its third annual open call “As it stands: Unrefined, muted, abandoned”. The Call offers artists the possibility of being selected to participate in a group show at the Gallery, plus a number of prizes including a solo exhibition and three residencies at GreatArt‘s new flagship store supplemented with art materials allowances.

This year’s edition will focus on bringing together a collection of works falling into the bracket of the unfinished, the incomplete and the discarded. The call is open for 2D works (painting, drawing, print, project or architectural plans), sketchbooks / artists books, small-size models / sculptures, and performance / durational pieces. For more information about the show, formats and restrictions please check the info and downloads below. The exhibition will take place from 6th to 23rd of July at Hundred Years Gallery.

The initiative is open to all works considered unfinished by the artist or those representing him /her. The work will be judged on the grounds of its artistic merit and in relation to the work submitted as supporting material. The work’s unfinished character, as outlined above, could be for instance the result of a deliberate aesthetic or an external impediment that force the work into that state. Also we will be considering ‘works in progress’ or durational pieces particularly on the performance category.

The works will be selected by Montse Gallego, director of the Gallery and Jaime Valtierra, artist and curator in collaboration with the space.

Exhibition Dates: 7th to 23rd of July

Opening Night: 6th of July. 7:30pm to 9:30pm (First Thursdays)

Deadline for submissions:  11th of June (until midnight).

For more information on the Open Call terms and to download an application form, please visit their website

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