Horadam Watercolour

The Schmincke Horadam watercolour range now offers 35 new shades!

The New Extended and Optimised range from Schmincke

These watercolours offer artists the benefits of the highest standard of pigments, specially selected binding and wetting agents and a special pouring process which ensures quality and reusability of the paint.

To celebrate 125 years of quality artists watercolour, Schmincke have perfected the horadam range with 35 new shades, which include  32 single-pigment colours, the much requested French Ultramarine, and highly lightfast pigments such as Quinacridone and Perylene, bringing new possibilities to this popular range of watercolours.

Schmincke have also made improvements to their ‘Brilliant’ tones by combining fluorescent and highly lightfast pigments to improve resistance to light. Made from the finest artists’ pigments with the highest degree of lightfastness.

You can learn more about Horadam watercolour in this short film:

Discover the Schmincke Horadam Watercolours on GreatArt :


  Discover the Schmicke Horadam Limited Edition Watercolour Box that contains 12 whole pans in a colourful metal box. 2017 is the 125 anniversary of Schmincke Horadam.

To celebrate the anniversary, just 400 of these Schmicke Horadam Limited Edition Watercolour Boxes have been produced:

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