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Gerstaecker Ergonomic Mini Brushes

Gerstaecker Ergonomic Mini Brushes

by Amylee Paris

Ideal for precision and miniature work!

“Like fashionistas who crave shoes, I crave brushes. When a model pleases me, I am sometimes tempted to buy it in several sizes. I am becoming more and more demanding in my selection because for me a brush must fulfill 3 functions: Comfort, strength, results.

I must say that I was particularly interested when Gerstaecker released his new range of ergonomic mini-brushes specially designed to perfect and lighten the gesture of the artist. Very intrigued, I then wanted to test and the results impressed me.

Handle – Short and light, it adds control to the gesture and allows you to work for long periods of time. Its ergonomic design naturally encourages your fingers to position themselves in the right place, thus avoiding bad positions and reducing contracture. The handle is covered with a soft touch coating that makes the touch particularly pleasant. Its hexagonal shape prevents the brush from rolling over on flat surfaces.

Brush Tip – The tip is made of gold-coloured synthetic fibres with a black tip. It offers a spring, flexibility and especially  good suppleness which is adapted to high precision work. The range offers different tips for longer or shorter outputs. The brushes can be used in all techniques: acrylic, watercolour, gouache, oil, inks.

My favourites:
Because we all have our favourites in the studio.

About Amylee Paris
Amylee Paris was born in France and now lives and works near London. She has a degree in Applied Arts from the University of Toulouse and a degree in Plastics Arts from the University of Montpellier. Amylee has had solo exhibitions in Parisian galleries and group exhibitions around Europe, US and Asia. She is also very active on the internet, she generously shares art and business tips on her blog. For more details, see

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