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Clairefontaine Oil Paper by Amylee

Clairefontaine Oil Paper by Amylee

“Paper that is inspired by linen”

If I say “a surface for oil painting”, I guess that most of you will think “easel”, “stretched canvas” or “bulky material”?

But that was before … Today, artists are completely released!

In loose sheets or in blocks, the paper intended for oil painting is designed to cater to all desires. It is lighter, more economical, and more practical than stretched canvas, so it can be painted anywhere with less supporting materials. It attracts both students and professional artists!

Clairefontaine Oil Paper by Amylee

Special Oil Paper – Key Features

  • White paper, slightly ivory
  • 240gsm, medium fine linen texture, acid-free (pH neutral)
  • Special coating that limits absorption
  • Soft paper that does not curl
  • For all types of techniques: glazes, flat areas, impasto. You can also use it with water mixable oil colour.
  • Suitable for working outdoors
  • Available in packs of 10 loose sheets (50x65cm) or in a block glued on 4 sides in standard or panoramic format (10 or 15 sheets, in a choice of sizes).

Clairefontaine Oil Paper by Amylee

Amylee’s Favourite – Linen Texture

Clairefontaine Speciality Oil Paper caught my fancy. Its texture is great and it looks like linen canvas, but to the touch it is still like paper and gives the impression of paint on canvas when working with oil. A real technical feat! The moisture is not sucked from the paint and the strong paper allows me to paint the same area several times without damaging of perforating the paper.

If we refer to the principle of fat over lean, paints adhere well to the paper giving excellent textured or layered effects. The paper is treated in the pulp stage in order to achieve complete impermeability when using oil or turpentine, and prevents a greasy patch appearing on the back of the sheet.

Clairefontaine Oil Paper by Amylee

Not very easy to photograph a white sheet so to bring out the texture of the paper, I rubbed a graphite lead on my sheet.

Clairefontaine Oil Paper by Amylee

Discover Clairefointaine Oil Paper online and in-store!

Information for this article was provided by professional fine artist, Amylee Paris. You can visit her colourful portfolio or follow her on Facebook and Instagram

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