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Clairefontaine Acrylic Paper by Amylee

Clairefontaine Acrylic Paper by Amylee

Clairefontaine Acrylic Paper by Amylee

Specially designed for Acrylic Painting

Paper is the perfect support for practicing acrylic painting, trying new styles, new techniques, or expressing inventive ideas. It is lightweight and more economical than other media. It engages both professional artists and beginners.

When selecting my paper, I always check the thickness.

Clairefontaine Acrylic Paper by Amylee

With acrylic, it is better to use strong and heavyweight paper. The qualities of the support will allow all colours to keep their brilliance. This acrylic paper maintains its shape during drying and its surface is specially coated to withstand the working and blending of fresh paint, allowing for the realization of pretty flat surfaces or textured reliefs.

“Made in France”, Clairefontaine is a high quality paper range.

Clairefontaine Acrylic Paper by Amylee
Key Features of Clairefontaine Special Acrylic Paper:

  • White paper
  • 360gsm, smooth, sealed surface, acid-free
  • maximum colour uptake and withstands alterations
  • heavy paper, very thick and does not warp
  • suitable for all types of work: glazing, flat layers, impasto,
  • Ideal for plein air work
  • suitable for all acrylic techniques and also gouache
  • available in packs of 10 loose sheets (50x65cm) or in a block, glued on 4 sides, in standard or panoramic format (10 or 15 sheets, choice of sizes).

Clairefontaine Acrylic Paper by Amylee
Amylee’s Favourite – Paper Block 

I particularly like a paper block. As a notebook, the sheets are less likely to become damaged and are ready to use. They do not require any preparation before painting. I start work straight on to the block and when it’s dry I can easily store it in the workshop like a book, slipped between two elements.
I paint on canvas a lot, so I prefer to work on easel. The blocks are rigid and stay in place just like a stretched canvas.
The surface is really nice to work on, it’s easy to forget that it’s paper. As the brush glides over the deposited paint remains on surface. The colours do not fade.
I do not load my paint with too much water because I work with a Frottis technique, but I still did a test using diluted paint, and the paper has a good hold. With a lot of water, the paper bulges slightly but regains its flatness after drying.

Clairefontaine Acrylic Paper by Amylee
Tip: Once my painting finished, I peel off the sheet from the block using a flat plastic ruler (less risky than a cutting blade).

Information for this article was provided by professional fine artist, Amylee Paris. You can visit her colourful portfolio or follow her on Facebook and Instagram

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