Amylee’s Studio Hack – Cleaning Paint Caps

The Best way to Clean Acrylic Caps

If, like me, you use acrylic paint tubes, you must have noticed the same problem: the screw caps become dirty. Ouch, we can no longer close the tube properly, oops!

The problem is caused by paint deposited around the tube and dried in the cap.

No panic, I have an easy tip with no chemical remover. A really effective idea to get beautiful caps!

Easy solution:

  • Take all caps that need to be cleaned.
  • Using a toothpick, clean thoroughly by peeling the paint stuck inside the cap. Dried acrylic paint takes on the appearance of a soft plastic, and it is very easy to remove.

  • Also with the toothpick, you can clean the end of tube. So now you can screw the cap back to onto its tube again.

OPTIONAL: After removing most of the paint residue you can immerse the caps in brush cleaner.

A small bath for half an hour, then rub everything with an old toothbrush and the cap is like new.

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Good to know:

  • To avoid dirty caps, be sure to wipe the end of the tube with a wet cloth after each use.
  • To remove a “glued” cap from a tube, use a nutcracker, this gives more force to the gesture and avoids bruising your fingers. Be careful not to twist the tube by forcing too much.

In some cases, the hot water works to “loosen up” a stuck stubborn cap but it is less rapid.

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