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Amber Halsall

Amber Halsall

Amber Halsall

Catching up with Past Prize Winners

We got in touch with some artists who have won our prizes to see how it helped them to progress and develop their practice. Here you can see what they had to say!

Please introduce yourself and tell us about the prize you won from GreatArt.

I’m Amber Halsall and have been a full member of the Society of Botanical Artists since 2009. At the society’s annual Exhibition in 2014 I won the Great Art Award for the body of work exhibited. My prize was a generous voucher for £500 to be spent on materials chosen from Great Art.

Amber Halsall
Do you remember how you felt when you found out you’d won?

I was delighted, surprised and over the moon to be selected for the prize. My work is more contemporary in style than traditional Botanical Art and although accurate in detail it pushes the boundaries in both style and choice of media. ( often mixed ). I felt rewarded for hard work and for developing a style beyond the norm, overall a warm feeling of success.

How did you spend your prize vouchers?

I spent half the vouchers in stocking up on the basics like paper, brushes and inks, and with the other half I treated myself to some new products including the Derwent Graphite blocks, gouache paints, and textured handmade papers.

What are you currently working on?

A couple of commissions and some new pieces for the Annual Society of Botanical Artists Exhibition taking place at Central Hall, Westminster from 13th to 20th October 2017, the deadline helps drive me. I am continuing to experiment with a mixture of water based materials on different surfaces.

Amber Halsall

Do you have any advice for artists when it comes to competitions?

A basic one but often overlooked, always read the rules and make sure your work fits the criteria. Always submit your best work. Spend time assessing previous winners, but take into account it’s difficult to predict the winning style. Finally, take a deep breathe and just do it!!

You can see more of Amber’s work on her website:

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