Free In-Store Events: Weekend Artist Residency with Jaime Valtierra

Weekend Artist Residency with Jaime Valtierra

Friday 21.04.17 to Sunday 23.04.17

Our next artist residency features Jaime Valtierra, who will be working with oil on canvas, beginning with studies and sketches leading into final paintings.

“The pieces will be based on one of the current themes I am working on in preparation for my upcoming solo exhibition ‘My Means of Catastrophe’. The running subject of the show is built around one main composition entitled ‘The Castle’ around which gravitate a group of paintings and drawings. The title is a direct reference to Kafka’s book; what compelled me in the narrative of Kafka’s famous unfinished novel is the relationship between the individual as an outsider and the mechanisms of power. The Outsider struggles with the established power and structures that alienate him from a system, which he is however desperate to understand. ”

Jaime Valtierra

Jaime Valtierra is a Spanish painter (Madrid, 1979) based in London. Since his arrival in the UK in 2001 he has combined a regular studio painting practice with experimental incursions into other disciplines that include performance, installation and video. He has exhibited his work extensively in the UK and across Europe.

His art practice is an intellectual and emotional reaction to the world around him. It explores a personal and
imaginative vision of the self and its relation to place and to others. He is particularly concerned with the analysis of essential human desires and beliefs in relation to a specific cultural context, and its articulation as form/content within the ‘picture space’.

Jaime Valtierra

In his paintings he focuses on the questioning of the ‘image’ and its function as an allegory or signifier within the confines of oil painting practice. This search for deconstruction, raw ambiguity and incongruent meaning originates in a desire to convey the unfiltered feeling of a direct impression of the world.

Aside from his regular studio practice Jaime Valtierra has contributed extensively to a large number of group ventures over the years both as an artist and organizer, such as artist run spaces, performance groups and artist’s collectives. These projects included participating with institutions and organizations like Hundred Years Gallery, the London Art Fair, Barbican Arts Centre, and the Liverpool Biennale amongst others.

Hundred Years Gallery

This residency was organised in partnership with Hundred Years Gallery which is only a short walk from GreatArt at 13 Pearson Street, E2 8JD

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