The Ruth Borchard Self Portrait Prize 2017

Submission closes on the 12th April 2017

The fourth biennial Ruth Borchard Self-Portrait Prize is accepting submissions and 120 artists will be selected for an exhibition at Piano Noble Kings Place from 18th May until 22nd September 2017

A £10,000 prize will be awarded to the winner selected by a prestigious panel of judges including Dr Xavier Vray, Alistair Sooke, Charlotte Mullins, Marilyn Scott, Shanti Panchal and Richard Borchard, Ruth Borchard’s son.

Previous winners for the prize include Celia Paul (2011), Thomas Newbolt (2013 and Shanti Panchal (2015).

Alongside the winning self-portrait, a number of works from the 2017 Prize will be bought for the Next Generation Collection, currently consisting of 68 self-portraits and continually growing through purchases from the Prize. The Next Generation Collection is the contemporary branch of The Ruth Borchard Collection and its aim is to continue the project into the 21st century.

The Ruth Borchard Collection was the life-long project of Ruth Borchard (1910-2000), a Jewish émigré from Germany, a passionate patron of the arts, and a tenacious collector. Restricting herself to only 21 guineas for each self-portrait, Borchard built up an unparalleled collection of self-portraits by twentieth-century British, Irish, and British-based artists. Her collection consists of 100 self-portraits, including works by Euan Uglow, Roger Hilton, Carel Weight, Francis Newton Souza and Keith Vaughan, spanning multiple decades, styles and movements.

Ruth Borchard Prize

Entries can be made by registering on this page at,uk

Entries must be received by midday on 12th April 2017.

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