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Biyomap - Maximum Art Protection

Biyomap – Maximum Art Protection

Biyomap – Maximum Art Protection
Do you know about Biyomap sleeves, a solution for packing paintings? Amylee has a big crush on them and will tell us all about it!

Biyomap Art Protection Sleeves

Lately I had good nose in my shopping. As Cyrano: says  “It’s a cover … it’s useful… it’s a bag! What do I say, it’s a sleeve? … it’s a good case! 

But Curious? How to use it? 

1. An Artist’s idea

Do you know that every year 150,000 rolls of bubble wrap (if not more) are used in the art world. It is huge, massive, and dramatic! In 2009, the Dutch artist Yolanda Philippens found a new concept with Biyomap Protective Sleeves. She was looking for a solution to reduce the massive piles of bubbles wrap at each art fair and she had the idea to create Biyomap! In search of environmentally friendly solutions, I took a close interest in Biyomap. Reusable and space-saving packaging for paintings and all framed artworks, Biyomap replaces bubble wrap and protects the paintings during storage or transport.


Biyomap - Maximum Art Protection

2. Biyomap | Key features

  • Dutch brand.
  • Lightweight, sturdy polyester fabric , not waterproof.
  • Acid free fabric, dust and lightproof, scratch resistant.
  • Micro-perforated fabric that prevents mold
  • Sleeves available in 10 sizes according to colour
  • 2 openings (top + side) for very large sizes
  • Velcro fastening, seam finish.

3. In Amylee’s Studio

3 of my paintings have been selected for a photo shoot not far from where I live. It is up to me to bring them and get them to the photographer’s studio.

Biyomap - Maximum Art Protection

Because I shop at GreatArt, I have the option to try Biyomap, I chose foam corners and 3 sleeves (2 red 35’’x43” and 1 yellow 35”x27”).

Biyomap - Maximum Art Protection

If we compare the materials necessary for 3 paintings, we can very quickly see differences.

4. Demonstration

For each sleeve, I make my own label with an A4 sheet (logo, picture of the painting, title and size) and I slip it into transparent window for important information.

Biyomap - Maximum Art Protection

So I’ll pack my first painting. (I thank the “Lovely Monroe” for accompanying me with this demonstration.)

Biyomap - Maximum Art Protection

Biyomap - Maximum Art Protection

After using foam corners on the four corners of the painting, I slip it into the sleeve (Photos above). I close with the flap with velcro strips. And voilà, it’s packed! The painting is now ready!

5. Use and review

  • Easy and ready to pack and unpack.
  • Easy storage, protection of artworks in 2D (studio) and travel (galleries, exhibitions, photoshoots).
  • Do not stick to varnished surfaces like bubble wrap can.
  • Possibility of placing 2 painting in 1 sleeve back to back.
  • Clever transparent window to include a label, flyers or business cards
  • Space-saving when the sleeve is empty because it folds, rolls and stows easily.
  • 100% recyclable and made with 50% recycled material
  • Contributes to the reduction of waste on the planet (eco-friendly)
  • Much more presentable and elegant than bubble wrap.

To conclude, I love it!

Biyomap - Maximum Art Protection

The 3 paintings are packed in the same way in their protective sleeve … Go, it’s photo shoot time!

6. Did you know?

Biyomap protective sleeves can be used for mailing or shipping but be careful, it is not enough to protect effectively. This kind of envelope replaces bubble wrap only, so always add a thick cardboard box or a wooden box to face risks during shipping. Think about it!

Information for this article was provided by professional fine artist, Amylee Paris. You can visit her colourful portfolio or follow her on Facebook and Instagram

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