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11 Ways to Decorate Your Artist Table

Bring some inspiration to the dining table!

Original, colourful and creative, setting a table with painter’s inspiration must obviously take all the elements of a painting studio.

Brushes, palettes, colours, easels, plates, napkins, you can use all of these to impress your guests on a special evening with an arty table. It’s really easy to do yourself!
Idea 1: Colours
It is easier to decorate after selecting a nice theme and being inspired by its colour range. This one all started from a painting by Paul Cezanne. Blue, yellow, orange, brown, 4 main colours stand out at first glance and thus will guide the set-up of the table!

« Apples and Cookies » painting by Paul Cézanne

* * * * *

Idea 2:  Placemats
A real artist palette as a placemat. For my table, I prefer a clean wooden placemat, but you can set one with some splattered paint.
art table
Where do you find these items?

Idea 3:  Plates
Mismatched and hand-painted plates. The Royal Doulton Collection has captured my heart for the moment.
Where do you find these items ?

Idea 4:  Napkin rings
A colour chart as a napkin ring. Paper, brush, paint, a few staples…and voilà!
Where do you find these items ?

Idea 5:  Place Cards
The mini easel is great for place cards with a small notebook and mini pen. Guests will be able to express their creativity during the meal.
Where do you find these items?

Idea 6:  table centre piece 
A bunch of decorative brushes (with or without pompoms) adorns the table.
Where do you find these items?


Idea 7:  Napkins
Watercolour and handmade napkins. It is well known that the painter in his studio always has an old rag handy!
Where do you find these items?

Idea 8: Appetizers
A display of appetizers in a flower palette. Clever isn’t it ?
Where do you find these items?

Idea 9:  Glassware
Bicolored glasses to match the plates. A nod to the pots used by artists to wash their brushes.
Where do you find these items?

Idea 10:  Decorative stuff
Some apples and oranges for table decoration. Excellent subjects in still life.
Where do you find these items?
At your grocery corner.
Idea 11: More Decorative stuff
Hand-cut, extra Large confetti. Ephemeral splatter paint strewn on the table to give an artistic look.
Where do you find these items?

More photos from my table:
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