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Watford & Bushey Art Society

One of 3 winners from our winter 2015 prize draw!

The society was founded in 1921 with a ‘Welcome to all’ membership policy that means they have a wide range of artists from talented professionals to complete beginners, as well as some individuals with just an interest in art.

Watford and Bushey

Since it was founded, members’ paintings have recorded the many changes in the landscape of the local district, including scenes that no longer exist. Some have been purchased by the Watford council and displayed in the Town Hall and Central Library, then moved to the museum which now owns approximately 90 works by former members. A wonderful way to capture the history of the area from those who live within it.

Watford and Bushey

Watford and Bushey Art Society host monthly meetings with a range of organised activities and also offer their members numerous opportunities to exhibit and sell their work. They also have the chance to participate in various competitions.

Watford and Bushey

On the day of GreatArt’s visit they were busy selecting work for their annual competition with Watford Camera Club. There was indeed a wide range of techniques and styles and it took some time to choose the strongest pieces for submission.

There is also a weekly sketching group which meets on a Monday and on dry, warmer days visit local points of interest to sketch and paint.

For more information about membership and exhibitions, please visit www.wbas.org

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