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How to use Metal Canvas Stretchers

Correcting a Loose canvas

The front of a painting can alert us to sagging or bad stretching, but you can restore it by using the back of the painting.If you’re looking for solutions on how to stretch a painting, I’ll explain this with more details below.

1/ How to check a canvas?
Folds in the corners or sagging are the characteristics of a painting with a badly stretched canvas. This is often noticed with large paintings. 
Metal Canvas Stretchers
Do not panic! There are several ways to tighten a painting (acrylic, oil, varnish, mixed media)
• 1st solution: wooden wedges – Last article “The Wooden Wedges: How do they Work?”*
• 2nd solution: Metal Canvas Stretchers 
Metal Canvas Stretchers
2/ Metal Canvas Stretchers kit:
Metal Canvas Stretchers are available in all sizes of Stretched Canvases and can be adjusted precisely. It is the best way to get more stretch in a painting (when completely finished and dry).
1 kit includes:
• 4 Metal Canvas Stretchers
• 16 screws
• 4 hexagonal metal nuts
• 1 wrench
NOTICE #1: Remember to have a mini screwdriver because it’s not included in the kit. 
Metal Canvas Stretchers
Each Metal Canvas Stretcher has two parts that fit into one another, separated by a metal nut, and all maintained by four screws.
Pierced flat portions (like wings) are set on either side of a corner of the frame. Set the stretchers in each corner.
Metal Canvas Stretchers
NOTICE #2: Metal Canvas Stretchers can be added; even you’ve already got wooden wooden wedges , especially if wedges are not enough to stretch the canvas.
NOTICE #3: Metal Canvas Stretchers can also completely replace the wooden wedges . 
metal canvas stretchers
3/ How to set the Metal Canvas Stretchers?
Fix each of the Metal Canvas Stretchers with 4 screws.
Once well fixed in the corners of the frame, use the small wrench to adjust the metal nut, which adjusts the space of the bars. 
Metal Canvas Stretchers
Repeat on all 4 corners of the frame being careful to check the canvas between adjustments. Stop as soon as the canvas seems to vibrate under your fingers.
NOTICE #4: Unlike wooden wedges that cannot to be extracted from the edge of the frame, the Metal Canvas Stretcher is modular, it can be tightened and loosened and even removed if we find that the canvas  is too stretched. Really convenient! 
Metal Canvas Stretchers
TIP:  Once the canvas is well stretched, I still have the habit of sticking the little wrench to the back of the painting so that the gallery owner or customer can also adjust the stretchers or remove them from the canvas.
The content for this post was provided by professional artist, Amylee. You can visit her blog here and her portfolio.

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