Stone Art

Stone Art – From Powertex

Stone Art combines with Powertex to create a self-hardening clay, and adds stone effects, coarse and fine texture to sculptures. Below is a brief guide to the different ways it can be used to help you start experimenting.

Creating Clay for Modelling

Mix equal parts of Powertex and Stone Art by hand, gradually adding more powder until you get a kneadable dough that doesn’t stick to your hands. This is now ready for sculpting and creating coarse textures.

Stone Art

You can also add crackle effects to your clay using Powertex pigments. Make your clay, then roll into a ball and press flat until approx. 2cm thick. Sprinkle on the pigments and then rub over the clay using your fingers to create solid colour. Do this on both sides, then take a rolling pink and roll the clay out thinner from the inside out, with even pressure. The crackle effect will appear while rolling

Applying a fine Stone Texture

Apply Powertex in your choice of colour to your ready-made base or figure. Allow it to dry for a few minutes then sprinkle Stone Art onto the Powertex layer by hand and rub off any excess. Repeat until the desired result is achieve. If Powertex Lead is used, you should get a perfect, blue stone effect.

Stone Art

Coarse Stone Texture

Prepare your base as described above, them apply another layer of Powertex and add in pieces of Stone Art clay, pressing them into the surface. Sprinkle on a layer of Stone Art as before and reuse any excess to achieve a rougher finish. Repeat this process until the desired effect is achieved.

To weatherproof your pieces for displaying outdoors, use a little white pigment to preserve the stone effect, then allow to dry for at least three weeks before applying two layers of Easy Varnish to protect the powder.

Stone Art

Give it a try, Stone Art can be combined with Powertex bases, figures and mediums to create mixed media sculptures and paintings with endless possibilities.

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