Artist Resolutions for 2016

Amylee’s 16 resolutions for 2016

2015 resolutions are behind us (finally), and a new year filled with new possibilities and stronger motivation has just started. Here we go into 2016 with all the resolutions we should hold for this new year!

Top 16 of 2016 Resolutions

What will be on your list for 2016?

While some people promise to stop smoking or to start a new sport this year, others see life in colour and simply adjust their daily lives at the workshop, or go on new creative projects.

Amylee resolutions

 My 16 Resolutions as a painter!

Amylee Resolutions
  • Use Daring compositition materials, beautiful papers, other ideas…The flower is good but boldness will be the watchword of this New Year.
  • Prioritize lighting. Better equip the workshop so I no longer have to create in the dark.
  • Store my acrylic paints by colour to avoid losing time looking for them.
Amylee resolutions
  • Take the time to read more: magazines, books, etc.
  • Reduce the amount of graphite pencil I use.
  • Stop forgetting brushes soaking in water overnight. The Brush Cleaning Aid of equivalent is very useful!
  • Stop staining my clothes by wearing an apron.
  • Recycle old brushes to give them a second life.
  • Close paint jars after use.
Amylee Resolutions
  • Stop throwing a painting in the bin because it is not matching your expectations. If this painting is not your taste, it will be another’s.
  • Meet other artists in person for discussions. The screen is good but over coffee is even better!
  • Invest in a cutting mat, my furniture will thank me later!
  • Frame my paintings in the dining room.
Amylee Resolutions
  • With my painting, try and bring more colour to life

Here are my top 16 resolutions for 2016 to help improve my workshop. Be held or not, December 2016 will tell us!

It’s your turn…

I can imagine that many of you find this concept of good resolutions unnecessary. For every new year should we take one or more commitments to ourselves? I understand that it may annoy you.

However, I find it amusing to publish resolutions only around the weaknesses of a painter, a visual artist, a sculptor, a photographer, etc…

I also invite artists who follow me to do the same. So what are the small habits you should improve in your workshop for the coming year?


The content for this post was provided by professional artists, Amylee. You can visit her blog here and her portfolio.

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