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Meet our Workshop Winners – Maiden Newton Art Club

Our Winners, Maiden Newton Art Group!

Ashley Hanson explores acrylics with the members in his ‘Colour, Abstactions, and the Art of Cornwall’ workshop.

The group was entered into our spring prize draw by member Jane Coxhill, the group were treated to a full day with Ashley Hanson, introducing the members to a new way of approaching a landscape painting with acrylics. They were taken through color mixing and composition exercises before moving on to developing their own interpretation of an abstract landscape with help and advice from Ashley.
Maiden Newton Workshop
They were also introduced to different types of abstraction, and the artists that have a big influence on Ashley’s own work.
Maiden Newton Workshop
The day was designed to encourage them to move away from copying what they see, and finding a freer way to paint.
Maiden Newton Workshop
The group enjoyed a very productive day and were given time to appreciate each other’s work and the different results that had developed. GreatArt heards lots of positive feedback about the day, and how it was wonderful to work with a teacher that encouraged different interpretations and personal styles within the lesson instead of asking them to replicate another work. We’re very pleased the group enjoyed their day and hope it helps them to develop their own art further!
Maiden Newton
« It introduced me to acrylics and broadened my horizons »
« We covered alot, it was very inspirational, thanks for opening our eyes »
« Helps to get out a comfort zone, wonderful day! »
Maiden Newton
Maiden Newton
Ashley Hanson is a Cornwall based artists who is heavily influenced by coastal landscapes. An experianced teacher including Visiting Lecturer at Canterbury Christchurch University and the National Academy of Art Bergen, Ashley has been running his own ‘Freedom in Painting’ holidays in Cornwall for the past 5 years. 2016 dates include 9-14th May and 19th-24th September.
Find out more information about next year’s holidays and Ashley’s work on his website and blog:

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