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Creative Splash Art Academy

Our final winner from the latest prize draw is a very diverse art academy run by Jaqueline Carstairs, with courses and workshops for adults and children that inspire raw creativity with a wide range of materials.

Creative Splash

Jacqueline believes that creativity is vital and exists in all forms from traditional art practises to exploring maths and science, or even building a sandcastle or a snowman. So often people will tell her they can’t draw, but she considers drawing such a small part of being creative that it should never limit your possibilities.

Creative Splash

For adults, Jacqueline offers specialist workshops in silicon and plasticine illustration, team building activities, and a weekly group called Creative Discovery which mixes a diverse range of specialist arts and crafts such as clock making, pastel work, textiles, print making and sculpture to help participants discover where there creative skills lie.

The academy also runs a weekly children’s group called Creative Explorers which is where GreatArt paid a visit. Creative Explorers is based at The Wild Place in Milton Country Park, with a lodge and fantastic outdoor environment that provides materials for creativity as well as a great space for larger outdoor work.

Creative Splash

On this particular Saturday, the children tried their hand at miniature garden making, kite building and also experimented by making paints with natural materials such as soil, charcoal and leaves. Very messy, but great fun!

Creative Splash

If you’d like to find out more about the activities available and how to join the creativity, visit the Creative Splash website at www.creativesplashartacademy.com

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