The Great Art Materials Blog

The Great Art Materials Blog

Introducing a new guide to techniques, and wealth of helpful tips when using products from the GreatArt range in the form of a NEW blog written by Jo York.

Helping you get the most out of the materials you buy, every month Jo York will be putting GreatArt products to the test and revealing her results, including her own ideas and demonstrations.

Here’s a message from our blogger Jo York:

‘I’ve noticed how often people lose confidence and give up doing their own Art, because specialist art materials, techniques and equipment can all seem a bit daunting. The idea of this blog is to help make a wide range of these materials and techniques much clearer and more accessible, and give you confidence to have a go!

Each month I’m going to spotlight something different, and over time the archived blogs will form a really useful guide to working effectively and creatively with artists’ materials. There will be loads of ideas, demonstrations and things to try, and at the end of each blog you’ll find a list of all the materials and equipment I’ve used, along with code numbers to make ordering straightforward. Hope you enjoy it!’

The GreatArt Materials Blog


You can visit the The Great Art Materials Blog by clicking HERE or using the link at the bottom of the GreatArt Website.

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