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Joining Sculpt it Art Club for an afternoon session in February brought back fond school day memories of clay and collage.

With a selection of work from past projects on display the children were enthusiastically pulling lumps of clay from a large bag to be molded into a wide range of creative shapes and were happily engrossed.Clay seemed very popular among the members, and some of the children also paused to demonstrate to GreatArt some more of the techniques they’ve learned from their weekly art club workshops.
Sculpt It
Sculpt It is a community art organization based in the Surrey Hills with a studio location at The Devil’s Punchbowl, Hindhead. They specialize in working with adults with special needs and children, and run numerous community projects with schools, day centres and hospitals. The art clubs are organized twice a week at 2 locations and run by Belinda Kelland and director Ruth Wheeler.
GreatArt visited them in ‘The Art Hut’ at Rodborough School, where we were also able to see a good collection of Sculpt It projects within the grounds, including two carved wooden benches, totem poles and lots of colourful mosaics.The art clubs give the children the chance to learn a wide range of techniques and work with a variety of media, including felting and textiles, clay, and carving in soapstone and wood. They often use seasonal themes and select natural materials for landscape art projects.
Sculpt It
Sculpt It
Director Ruth Wheeler has been a practicing sculptor for 20 years and many of her Public Art Sculptures can be found around Surrey in more than 100 locations. Their school projects are very popular and give the children a chance to contribute to a piece of art that will benefit their school environment and be seen every day. To learn more about commissions, the different school and community projects Sculpt It can provide, and the available art club sessions, please visit their website at
Sculpt It

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