Printers in the Sticks

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The seven printmakers meet to work together at the Canolfan Edward Richard Centre in Ystrad Meurig, making the name of the group is very apt as the location is very much ‘in the sticks’ and surrounded by the rolling hills and valleys of rural Wales.

GreatArt visited the group during the first weekend of the Ceredigion Art Trail. This was the second year the trail had taken place and the very first year that the printers had been asked to participate. It was clear from the fantastic presentation of their work that they had worked very hard to prepare the hall for their opening day and reception for family and friends. During the 3 weekends of the trail they would have work available for sale, as well as practising in the art room to allow visitors to see the different techniques first hand.

Printers in the Sticks

The members work with all printing techniques including etching, lino cut and lithography and from the selection on display in the hall there were clear individual styles of working and subject matter. Some members had not always been printers, but had been attracted to the technique after trying a course or workshop with another society. They began meeting at the hall in 2005 and now do so regularly on Thursday and Sundays to work together and are very fortunate to have the use of a press along with their store of paper and ink. As such facilities are rare in Ceredigion, members travel from wide surrounding areas to make use of them.

Unlike other clubs or societies, Printers in the Sticks don’t arrange workshops or demonstrations as they prefer to work on their own pieces. However on occasion they organise a ‘project’ for everyone to participate in, offering a direction or inspiration for their work. Recently the group worked with the theme of Nursery Rhymes. Each member selected a different rhyme and created a piece inspired by the lyrics or story behind it. Once the piece was finished they created enough copies so that each member would have a full set of each rhyme. A fun project, creating a wonderful keepsake. The finished series was also shown at their first exhibition in Treehouse Restaurant, Aberystwyth.

Printers in the Sticks

The group were delighted to win £350 worth of GreatArt gift vouchers. These will be used to purchase a new mount cutter to help them prepare for future exhibitions and to stock up their paper and ink supplies!

If you are interested in joining the printers and giving the technique a try you can contact members Mary on 01974 298 204 or Cynthia on 01974 831 644.


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