Discover art

An exclusive preview from a brand new art publication!

GreatArt and Discovery Media Group are very pleased to introduce you to Discover Art! A brand new inspirational and stimulating resource for the practising artist, whatever their age, experience or preferred medium.

Issue 1 explores the use of watercolour, oil, acrylic, coloured pencils, pens and other mediums, and
the papers and canvases required to achieve the very best results.

Editor, James Hobbs, and his team of practising artist journalists explore how successful artists work through tutorials, artist interviews and glimpses behind the scenes. They reveal how they approach subject matter, such as landscapes, cityscapes, portraiture, seascapes, still life and abstracts. They also offer advice about getting paintings exhibited and framing, test a few of the best art products around, and help readers develop the social side of creativity to meet new people, set up an art blog or website, use social media to show their work, and plan their holidays around their artistic interests.

Discover Art offers everything desired for the keen artist, and you can buy your copy from GreatArt!

Discover Art

More about our newest Partner!

Launched in 2008, Discovery Media Group has published groundbreaking magazines which are available in premium high street retail outlets. They are proud to add a new publication to their portfolio in collaboration with GreatArt. You can find out more about them at

Discovery Media Group

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14 thoughts on “Discover art

  1. Chris Everest on said:

    I really liked your magazine. I get “Artists & Illustrators” (the only other quality Monthly) but the “International Artist” (Bimonthly) and “Watercolour” (Quarterly) are less frequent so there is definitely room for another magazine. Personally I would like more Art History and Great Art Criticism in it but I am happy with your content anyway. I do not like the kind of “How to draw trees in a blizzard” sort of article. Or the simplistic how to paint like Bob Ross kind of attitude. Good work I WILL BUY IT.

    • Louise from GreatArt on said:

      Thanks for the feedback Chris, we’re really pleased with the turn out of the magazine and even more pleased that artists are enjoying it!

    • Louise from GreatArt on said:

      Hi Edward,
      Disovery Media Group control the content for the bookazine issues. If you would like to get in touch with the editorial team to see if they are interested in your article you can use this address: [email protected]

  2. This magazine looks as if it covers a great deal, but then does each type of medium in more depth, I certainly want to give it a go. Great work Gloria

  3. Micki Hollington on said:

    Great magazine, interesting articles and interviews. When will issue Two be available, when
    can one subscribe for a year to two. Good luck and best wishes for the coming year.

    • Louise from GreatArt on said:

      Hi Micki, no confirmation for issue 2 as of yet or possible subscriptions but updates will follow as soon as we know more!

  4. Trevor Barnard on said:

    I see this new art magazine in WH Smith and gave it a go. Not bad, I always love interviews with artists and materials they use and inside artists studio’s. But wanting No 2 discovered now January 15th its not out. (two months after No1) Is this another new magazine that’s gone under already before it’s started. Was it to be monthly, bi-monthly, 4 a year? I bet others have thought this, Whats the reply. Thanks

    • Louise from GreatArt on said:

      Hi Trevor,
      Discover Art is what is considered a ‘Bookazine’ so only one issue is intended for this year. We’re very pleased with the feedback so far so hope to be continuing with a second issue.

  5. barbara arnot on said:

    I have just bought issue 1 of Discover Art and found it very interesting and informative. Please could you tell me how I can subscribe to ‘Discover Art’ (in association with GreatArt)

    • Louise from GreatArt on said:

      Hello Barbara,
      unfortunately Discover Art is a bookazine so there is no subscription available. We hope to produce Issue 2 later this year and their will be an opportunity to subscribe to a digital subscription very soon. You can register for updates here:

  6. Louise from GreatArt on said:

    Hello Barbara,

    Unfortunately the print magazine is only produced annually but we are working on a digital subscription which should be available later in the year.

  7. Valerie Galpin on said:

    Calling this publication a “magazine” is plainly silly. If published once per year it is an ANNUAL!

    Otherwise, an excellent publication in every respect.