Urban Fine Art – Tested and Approved!

New fine art sprays from Molotow!

These artists’ quality acrylic spray paints, are made from high quality pigments, mixed 4 times for outstanding quality, pigment concentration, intensity, opacity and lightfastness.

The paint is quick-drying and will not run, with a pleasant consistency, and features a unique nozzle, allowing for precise, even application and great versatility, under any atmospheric conditions! These spray paints are revolutionary, in that they are the first artists’ quality spray paints on the market!
Their superior quality is clear when you test them against other aerosols on the market! See the results for yourself!

Urban Fine ARt

Application Test

The special Vari-Flowmaster valve allows for controlled, fine application for detail and solid, flat areas of colour without changing the nozzle. The valve offers remarkable precision and control simply by varying the pressure. This feature is not available with any other aerosol on the market.

Urban Fine Art

Colour Layering Test

Urban Fine Art Colours dry very quickly and evenly with remarkably even colour and opacity. This allows you to incorporate other materials such as pastels, markers and acrylics, and apply layers of colour to create gradients and shading. Other aerosols on the market will dry slower, unevenly and with less covering power. The weight of their pigments also causes sagging.

(See also Opacity Test)

Urban Fine Art

Smoothness Test

Urban Fine Art Colours have the smoothness and pleasing texture of oil colours. No other aerosols on the market offer this unique quality.

Urban Fine ARt

Accuracy Test

With a little practice, you can apply lines of paint with remarkable accuracy.

Urban Fine ARt

Opacity Test
Unlike other aerosols, Urban Fine Art Colours offer excellent opacity with no run during application.

Urban Fine Art


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