Schmincke Lino Print Colours

Lino Print Colours

Schmincke Lino print Colours

These linoprint colours produce sharp, vibrant prints.

The Schmincke lino print colours are easy to apply, produce sharp, high quality prints and are loved by artists! Made with natural binders, and quality pigments these inks offer maximum lightfastness and excellent intensity even when diluted with water.

To get the best out of the inks it is important to apply the colour very evenly and smooth it out on a sheet of glass or a non-aborbent surface with a roller first. Once the roller is coated with a thin layer of ink, apply it to your relief plate until the whole area is covered evenly. This will produce a smooth even print, but you can also get some interesting effects by applying the ink with a short haired brush.

Once this is ready, press your paper over the plate and rub the entire area firmly with a baren or roller to allow the colour to be absorbed by the paper. For best results, once the paper is removed, leave to dry naturally without added heat to avoid blistering.

The best paper recommended for working with Schmincke lino print ink is a thin Japanese printing paper, or if using a thicker paper, moisten the sheets between blotting paper before you start printing.

The range consists of 15 brilliant shades and includes 3 metallic effect colours for even more interesting printing effects.

See these fantastic inks in action for yourself…


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