Portrait Painting with Belton and One4all


Portrait Painting with Belton and One4all

From Street Art to Urban Fine Art using Molotow Products!

The outstanding One4all paint from Molotow offers a highly pigmented acrylic-based hybrid paint with a multitude of applications that are limited only by your creativity. Its offers high covering power, is UV resistant and can be used in the Molotow markers and dripsticks as well as being perfect for using with brushes, sponges and knives and even airbrush.

We are now also proud to add the Belton Premium sprays to the GreatArt range to offer you the chance to create incredible, diverse, mixed media pieces! Giving your fine art paintings an urban twist!

Here are a few tips on how to start experimenting with Molotow products.


Creating a Portrait on Canvas using Belton Sprays and One4all from Molotow!

Demonstration by Stéphane Helbert

Equipment used:

• Gerstaecker XL Studio Canvas, 100 x 100 cm

• Gerstaecker Painting Knives

• Jax brush Set

• Gerstaecker Gesso Primer

• Aerosol Belton Premium

• One4All ™ Markers

• One4All ™ Acrylic Paint

To create this painting Stéphane has implemented several different materials to produce a fine art mixed media effect and fully explore all the possibilities of the One4all range and Belton Sprays.

In first stages he uses One4all Acrylic which can be poured directly onto the canvas when laid flat. He then works the paint with a palette knife across the canvas and blends the colours on the surface.


Stéphane uses the Belton sprays for large areas of the background, and also to tint and shade areas of colour that have been applied with a palette knife, giving more intensity to the piece. For details he applies the one4all paint with a brush or a marker, which are particularly excellent for adding fine lines and contain the same One4all Acrylic you find in the bottles.

During the painting it is possible for Stéphane to use 2 different tools at once with the same medium, such as blending the paint from the marker with a brush or knife. The different application methods complement each other well to form a striking piece and offer many possibilities for creative techniques.


Belton Sprays offer Urban Fine Art an excellent product which brings new dimensions and creativity to traditional paintings on canvas.

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