Fitting a Floater Frame

Floater Frame

Instructions for fitting your canvas

into a floater frame…

Give your paintings that last finishing touch by fitting them into an attractive frame for hanging. Just follow the simple instructions outlined below.

Materials Required

Floater Frame of Choice

Canvas Holder Clips with screws (81181-81186, Select correct size for frame)

Screwdriver or Power Drill

Tape Measure

Your finished Canvas

1. Place your Canvas face down on the table and place your frame over the top, face down again.

2. Once you have the frame in place, make sure the joins in the frame line up with the joins in the canvas stretchers. This will help you position the canvas correctly and obtain the floating boarder.

3. Once you have lined up your frame, place a canvas clip in the centre of each of the 4 sides. Screw each clip into the canvas to hold it steady.

4. Once the canvas is fixed in place, check you have an even border all the way round using your tape measure.

Floater Frame



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4 thoughts on “Fitting a Floater Frame

    • Louise from GreatArt on said:

      Hello Scott,

      Unfortunately we are no longer able to offer custom framing, please double check with customer services about the size of your canvas and they will check all the sizes we stock for you to be sure.

  1. Why don’t you make a white floater frame size 40 x 60 cm? I would buy at least 6 if you did. Can you make them that size to special order?
    I left a similar comment about 2 weeks ago, but nobody has answered.

    Barry Hibbert

    • Louise from GreatArt on said:

      Hi Barry,
      We replied to your post on the I Love Art Floater Frame Article:

      Louise from GreatArt on 2 April 2014 at 13 h 48 min said: Edit
      Hi Barry,

      I will pass the feedback on, hopefully we can add more sizes to the range in the near future.

      I have sent the feedback to the warehouse as we are expanding the range all the time, hopefully we will be able to add more sizes soon.