A Guide to STAS Hanging Systems


STAS are experts in the art of hanging art!

STAS offer a range of hanging systems to meet your style, space and requirement. STAS rails can be fitted easily to all types of walls and ceilings. Here is a guide to the four systems currently available from GreatArt!

Mini Rail System

This system offers a minimal 16mm wide profile that blends easily with your interior, whilst still offering the strength of larger systems. The rail will hold approximately 25kg per metre and is used with STAS cobra hook cords.



The rails are available in 2 metre lengths in white or aluminium. To install the clipscrews should be inserted into the wall (approximately 3 per metre) and the rail clipped onto the screws as shown in the above diagram. Rails can be connected to each other using a straight connector, or STAS also offer a Combiclip which can be used as a corner connector or split in half to form two end caps. To hang your pictures attach the nylon cords with cobra hooks to the rail and then attach a picture hook to the cord.

STAS offer their own hooks which can be used with any hanging system, the ‘Smartspring Hook’ can be moved up and down the cord by simply pinching the two sides together and will hold firm once you release the pressure. These are suitable to use with the nylon cords will support approximately 4kg individually. There is also the ‘Zipper Hook’ which works in a similar fashion by pressing the side lever to adjust the height on the cord. A combination of the Zipper Hook and nylon cord will support approximately 15kg, or 20kg when used with a steel cord. Alternatively, you may use any adjustable picture hook, but be sure to check the thickness of the cord you have chosen will fit the hook.

All of the elements you see in the diagram are available separately using the product code shown, or alternatively there is a Minirail set available containing the following:

1 x 2m rail, in a choice of silver (81278) or white (81277), 2 x 2m cords with cobra hooks, 2 x Smartspring hooks, 1 x combicap, 1 x straight connector, 6 x screws, 6 x dowels.

Cliprail Max System

The Cliprail Max will support up to 25kg per metre, and each rail features a top rim to connect with your ceiling, giving a seamless, elegant look. The system can be used with the same cobra hook cords and picture hooks as the mini rail system, but has its own fixtures and fittings as shown in the diagram below.



The Cliprails are 1.5m long and currently only available in the Cliprail Max sets in silver (81037) and white (81036), However all fixtures and accessories are sold separately should you need to customise your set or replace parts.

J-Rail System

This is a simple but strong system that offers a variety of options when hanging your pictures. The rail has a ‘J’ Shaped profile, available in silver and white and is 1.5m in length.



When hanging artwork from the rail you may choose from three combinations:

  1. A ‘Suspension Rod’ and ‘Sliding Spring Hook’. The Rods are available in White and Silver in a 1m or 1.5m length. They sit easily over the lip of the rail and are held in place by the U shaped bend.
  2. A ‘Cylindrical Hook’ and ‘Perlon Cord with Runner’. The hook has a slot which sits on the rail and holds it in place while the cord runs through the hook and is held in place by the runner. The cords are available in 1m, 1.5m and 2m lengths and your artwork can then be hung with a picture hook of your choosing.
  3. An ‘S’ hook with attached nylon or steel cord. This hook gets its name from its shape, the top bend grips the rail while bottom bend holds the cord. The looped cord can be fashioned yourself using an eyelet, or readymade lengths with loops are available in variety lengths (81010-81023) and can be combined with any adjustable picture hook.

Once again, all parts are sold separately, or you may purchase a set with codes 81043 (White) and 81044 (Silver).

J-Rail Max System

This system was developed for very heavy paintings and frames and is extensively used in museums and galleries all over the world. Following the same design in appearance and fitting as the J-Rail, the J-Rail Max will withstand 100kg per metre and is available in a 2m length which is mainly used for professional applications.


The hooks and hanging rods can be combined as shown and the hanging rods are available in 1m and 1.5m lengths in white and silver.

Should require any further advice or assistance with hanging system purchases, customer services are always happy to help on 08433 571 572, or you may email your queries to [email protected]


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