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Canson, a brief history…

Since 1557, the Canson paper mill in Annonay, France has produced the finest papers available.

With over 450 years’ experience, they have unique expertise and know-how and their goal is to offer all artists high-quality products which inspire them and give them confidence.
No matter the era, these paper-lovers were constantly on the lookout for what was done elsewhere. They managed to get the value of their discoveries known and recognized and in addition to all these technological feats, they were also able to invest their capitals, adapt their factories, manage their employees and conquer the markets.
The Canson tradition of innovation was started by the Montgolfier family who developed the first hot air balloon in 1783. This continued from the first vellum paper to the photographic paper, from pulp dying to the newest creations for digital printing.
Canson has a long history of research with the intention of developing for the better. They continue to offer products in keeping with high expectations. And whilst they are a brand of excellence, they also seek to provide simple solutions to the needs of consumers, whether they are professional artists or school children.

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