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Over a century of success!

Royal Talens

Royal Talens

Over a century of success!

The story of Royal Talens begins in 1899 when Marten Talens founded “De Nederlandse Fabriek voor Verf, Lak en Inkt” (the Dutch factory of paints, gloss paints and inks) in Apeldoorn. The company started out as a family business and the main activity was the manufacture of office equipment and inks.

With the creation of oil colours and then Rembrandt watercolour, Talens started making a wide range of artists’ paint of the highest quality. In 1912, the company was required to grow thanks to the increasing demand for oil colours and new products. The Rembrandt oil colours, attributed to the “small Dutch peasant”, were a real success abroad and Talens opened a store in the USA.
The demand for Talens products kept growing and in 1920 a new expansion of the company took place, along with an automation of the manufacturing process using steam as a new source of energy. In the following years Talens took over a local ink factory and built there own tinplate factory. The extra-soft Rembrandt pastels were launched in 1924 and also went on to become an international success.
During World War Two, the company had to stop a large part of their production through lack of necessary raw materials and bomb damage to the factory. From 1945, united forces allowed the resumption of work and the company continued to grow.
Royal Talens
Talens becomes “Royal”
Not an easy task! To achieve this title, you are required to meet the standards of a “reasonable, qualitative and innovative” entrepreneur. In 1949, Royal Talens fulfilled these conditions and recieved the Royal appellation.
During the 50’s Talens opened branches all over Europe and began working with representatives in over 50 countries.
With more than one century of history, Royal Talens’ mission is to encourage the creative expression of painting or drawing with new innovations in materials, to offer high quality products, and to be an inspiration and a savoir-faire manufacturer in every art technique.

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