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Bayswater Road Sunday Art Exhibition

Bayswater Road Sunday Art Exhibition

Bayswater Road Sunday Art Exhibition

Bayswater Road Sunday Art Exhibition

Every week, rain or shine!

Every Sunday artists from all over the country travel to Bayswater Road to hang their paintings on the Royal Park Railings. The exhibition is regulated by Westminster City Council who issue numbered license plates that correspond to painted numbers on the pavement. Pitches are 9ft long and artists are allowed a maximum of three. Anyone can apply for a license to exhibit from experienced gallery represented artists to recent graduates, the self taught and all ages and nationalities, male and female. The criteria being the art work is original and by the license holder. No prints of any kind are permitted.
Bayswater Road
The real challenge takes place during the rest of the week in the studio. Not many artists put on up to 52 art shows a year! Not that sales are guaranteed, in the passing public not everyone has come especially to see the show because it is open air, free entry and with free parking. It is no mean feat to captivate a person’s interest when they are out jogging or walking their dog but artists do manage it. The only downside of Bayswater Road can be the variable weather! So many traders have canopies that fix securely to the railings so their art work is protected on rainy days.
You too can be part of London’s largest open air art fair; there are a few pitches currently available. The exhibition runs from Queensway to Lancaster Gate Underground Stations. Getting a pitch is straightforward, telephone the Street Trading hotline on; 020 7641 7822 to arrange an interview. Start up costs total £165.63 which includes a license to begin trading, 4 weeks rent, annual membership to the Bayswater Artists Association, public liability insurance and a website entry.  The rent for a single pitch thereafter is £7.46 per Sunday. Rent can be paid monthly by direct debit and averages at £32 a month.
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