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Letraset Promarker

Perfect for graphic designers and illustrators…

Letraset Promarkers have quality inks and nibs which provide flawless colour application, consistent coverage and no streaking!

These quality markers will delight all designers and illustrators with their extensive palette of 148 colours, which offers bold vibrant shades to subtle pastel hues. Each marker has two tips, a fine bullet nib for details and wider chisel shape for large area shading and a variety of straight line widths.
Letraset Promarker
Each colour has a translucent quality which allows for layers and varying the depth of colour and opacity for shading. You can also blend them and produce new colours by overlaying different shades. There is also a blender available which can be used to soften and merge the colours together. However you choose to use them, their high quality, dye based colours will ensure even colour lay down and outstanding vibrancy with no streaking effect. The colour will always be applied perfectly evenly.
Because they are alcohol based, they are considered permanent and can be applied to many types of surface as well as paper and card. Try using them on glass, plastic, metal and ceramic for even more design possibilities!
Here are a few tips on how to get the best of your ProMarkers:
Using your ProMarkers on a Variety of Surfaces
When working on paper they are best used on a smooth, high white surface to get the most of the colour. A heavy stock paper is best to absorb the ink and bleed-proof papers or pads will be even better. When layering the markers onto ink resistant surfaces like glass or plastic you should do this gradually to allow the colour to dry between coats. Working on a porous surface like wood will cause some slight bleeding of the ink so be sure to make allowances for this when working close to an edge.
Letraset Promarker
Overlaying and Blending
Going over the same spot with the same marker will give a darker tone of the colour you are using and is great for shading and adding depth. If you overlay different colours this will produce a new shade. If you allow them to dry between layers a sharp distinct area of tone will be achieved. Overlaying wet inks will show a softer transition.
If you use the ProMarker blender it should be applied generously alongside wet ink to create fluid, subtle graduations between colours. It can also be used to ‘drag’ the ink and soften edges between the colour and paper. Applying a layer of blender before colour will keep the ink wetter for longer and make it easier to blend colours for smooth coverage. It will also help to make your colours appear more subtle.
Making Mistakes
Making corrections with markers is difficult, so be prepared! Use scrap paper to try different colour combinations and blends first before applying to your piece. Make sure the scrap paper is the same as what you are working on to avoid different outcomes.

Louise from GreatArt

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